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be-funk's Stories

This is the blog of the belgian funk band called be-funk.

What happened?

Sunday, 3 December 2006
One week after the previous post you might wonder what be-funk's reporter is doing. Well...

We had two impressive concerts at The Bok and Dragon and The Bank.
Good people good vibes and all the necessary cool of the moments when everything simply goes well.

The be-funk online presence is improving on a daily basis. Just check out the links on the top menu.

We are in the creation phase, where any idea is rapidly recorded onto almost anything. I record mine on my mobile phone! (Anything is anything)

But most important here are a couple of new videos.

What do be-funkettiers do while waiting for a soundcheck?

One of the Good People of the Bok and Dragon

Breaking news! New Song Alert!

Thursday, 23 November 2006
- is 3min 34sec long
- 2006-11-22 Is the temporary title
- is articulated around a 8 bars verse + 4 bars chorus 1 bar breaks and a 4 bar variation
- song and all be-funk members are doing fine

As soon as we find a way to record it you will be the first to be informed.



Test your ears... I tested mines!

Thursday, 16 November 2006
Hi All,

Once in a while I like to share some stuff I find on the web!
This time it is an ear test! Or put in the authors's words:

You can find the test here.This is as much a test of musical memory as it is pitch perception. However, in our research on tonedeafness, we found that people who are “tonedeaf” have NORMAL musical memory. This is a rough screening test that we used to find subjects for our MRI-based neuroimaging studies on tonedeafness. In order to classify someone as tonedeaf for research purposes, we would need to give a standardized 2 hour test and also measure pitch perception thresholds in hz.

I scored 94.4% at my first try, then I wrote to Jake asking if he was sure about all of the answers ;-)
If you have time and like the idea, try this one out


be-funk @ the Night of the Scorpion

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Originally uploaded by be-funk.

Impressive isn't it?
Well, the organisation was incredible, we had everything set up and ready to perform the show of our lives.

Here is how it went:
First I was late at the local (I am preparing some video footage of the rare event!
Then we searched for the place in Antwerp for 45 minutes.
Things started to go much better when we manage to set up and do the soundcheck flawlessly.
Free Food helped us transition through the waiting period until "the doors" were opened to public. Yet how big was our surprise when we saw that very few people acually came to see us play!

Ok it is a new city for be-funk and ok it was the 11th Nov a bank holiday in Belgium. Still one can't help thinking that there something needs to be done better.

If you have advices please send these to us.
PS: We had lots of fun and we would like to thank James from sunshine concerts

Today I claimed it at Technorati

Monday, 13 November 2006
Technorati Profile


be-funk has a new Blog!

Sunday, 12 November 2006
This time is for real!

Two years ago, be-funk started a blog which served as the main site for the band!
Since then a few things have changed. We first went for a complete website of our own www.be-funk.com then decided to add our presence on the MySpace

It is time for be-funk to come back on the blogging scene!

Here we will mostly post stories about what we are up to and how things are going for us!
See you soon.